Nightshade by Ronie Kendig

Nightshade (Discarded Heroes. #1)Nightshade by Ronie Kendig

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Short Summary:

Soldiers all across the globe are returning home to their families after brutal tours of duty. They are discharged from the service. . .and on their own. Meet Max Jacobs, one of these discarded heroes, as he faces a wall of failure—in his career, his friendships, and his marriage. Failing again—this time to end his life—he is offered a thread of hope. Are covert government operations the answer for him, or will they only bring more danger and dissension upon his broken family?

My Review:

I received this book from another blogger participating in Unputdownables Crazy Book Swap. We were to pick a book and send it another blogger via the information given to us.

I struggled with this book. It got great reviews on GoodReads so I was hopeful and I did give it an honest chance, but there were moments that had me cringing and as I continued to read those moments were more and more frequent.

The first was in the following text:

“For those not enlightened,” an authoritative voice cut through the sufer’s explanation, “my name of General Olin Lambert, I am a member of the Joint Chiefs. But among the seven of us, I am merely a citizen of the United States, just like you.” Blue eyes probed each man.

Right into Max’s soul.


At this point I realized that, no matter how seriously I try to take this book, it would just be another cheesy Christian book designed to make us Christians feel good about ourselves and provide us with a fluffy story about forgiveness. I can appreciate that there are people who love this story and I’m not knocking you if you do – but I like harsh realities literature. I like knowing what other people are dealing with on a regular basis, in a realistic way so my attention gets drawn to those same situations in life and I can plead for those people in my prayers.

There were generalizations throughout this entire book and it felt as if the author decided to use a few hot words “Islam” “SEALS” “pregnancy” to make the story more interesting but just succeeded in giving a cliche story I just couldn’t get into.

I feel like lately here on the blog I’ve been just putting up harsh reviews, but I promised in this bookswap to do a review on this book and I just can’t give it a more positive one.

I did manage to read the whole book, I just didn’t like it.

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