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The Rebellion of Jane Clarke by Sally Gunning

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  • I love Historical Fiction and I haven’t read enough of it centering around early States history.

Summary from Goodreads:

For generations, the Winslow and Clarke families have been feuding over rights to the mill stream, but Jane Clarke has managed to stay removed from the fray. While she doesn’t doubt her father’s claims, she also does not harbor ill will towards the Winslows. Yet Jane cannot remain uninvolved after someone hacks off the ears of Mr. Winslow’s horse because everyone in Satucket believes that Jane’s father is the culprit. Is her father the kind of man who could commit such a horrible act? Suddenly, Jane’s long-held placidity is shattered and her trust shaken. Adding to her distress is Phinnie Paine, the suitor her father wishes her to marry. When Jane defies her father and refuses Paine’s offer she is sent away to Boston to care for a troublesome aunt.

Arriving in the bustling city awash with Redcoats and rebellious fervor, Jane realizes she has not escaped the conflicts defining her life but rather stepped into a world in which they are magnified. Father against daughter, Winslow against Clarke, loyalist against rebel–the battles are complicated by her seemingly unbalanced aunt, the unexpectedly kind British soldiers, the townspeople who taunt them, and her beloved brother, a law clerk working for John Adams, who is fervently channeling his own frustrations into acts of sedition. When Jane witnesses British soldiers kill five colonists on a cold March evening in 1770—now known as the Boston Massacre—she understands she has become engulfed in forces greater than herself, knowledge that forces her to question long-held personal truths . . . and face the most difficult choices of her life.

My Review:

This past year I’ve read a few historical books dealing with early American history.  I’ve read some good ones and some.. not so good ones and I was hopeful that The Rebellion of Jane Clarke would fall into the former category.

While this story wasn’t necessarily all that bad, it was lacking in something, but it’s hard to pin down exactly what it is.  I was going to originally say it was lacking in passion, but that’s not really it.  It was just that.. I didn’t care about Jane.  I found her to be one of those annoying women that just couldn’t pick a side, couldn’t decide what she wanted, and just flip-flopped all the time between what daddy wanted and what suitor she should have.

What I did appreciate about the story was how the perspective was different than what I’ve read and seen about the Boston Massacre.  It was interesting seeing it from another point of view, seeing how the British Redcoats could have very well been treated – but still the story didn’t have enough life of its own to keep me interested for long periods at a time.

So overall, I’d say it wasn’t a read I regret, but one that lacked the story that the potential was there for.


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