The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas

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  • I’ve seen this one on the shelves at B&N for months now and finally got around to checking out what all the buzz was about.

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An elegantly crafted, utterly enchanting debut novel set in a mystical, exotic world, in which a gifted young girl charms a sultan and changes the course of an empire’s history

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I found myself completely enchanted by Eleonora in The Oracle of Stamboul.  Although I had seen this book numerous times in the bookstores I’d visited, I’d never taken the time to actually read what it was about, satisfied with just a passing glance at the gorgeous cover.

Last night I opened up the book and was fully unprepared for the beautiful, magical world that filled my thoughts and teased my senses.  I could smell, taste, feel, hear and experience the world Eleonora was born into and then further journeyed to see more of.  It was so fantastic.

I identified with Eleonora, with her love of the novel, her eagerness to learn.  I commiserated with her at the agony of only having one novel a month to read and followed her journey through the classics with excitement.

All the ingredients come together to form this fantastic, magical, mythical type of novel that had me thoroughly in its thrall… until the end.  While I still dislike the ending of the book, I can understand it was a necessary evil – because I have no idea how it would have ended otherwise.  Still, there was a sense of loss and abruptness and that alone affects my rating of the book and my overall view of it.  While the journey was magical, the ending cast it all into a different light.

Still, I recommend this book – especially for those who love books that will draw them in and fully immerse them in the story and place.  It does such a wonderful job of that that it’s a surprise when those last few pages come up.

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  1. I had avoided reading you review until I had finished and reviewed this one. I wish I had enjoyed it as much as you did. There was just something about, or lack of something, that kept me from really connecting with the characters.

    I think there was a great story underneath though.

    1. Thinking back on it, I don’t know if I enjoyed the story or the idea of the story – I think it might have been the idea of the story though.. the girl who loved to read, the images from the descriptions really clicked with me and made me enjoy more then if, say, it’d been a boy talking about baseball, you know?

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