Fathermucker by Greg Olear

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  • The name, pure and simple.

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A day in the life of a dad on the brink: Josh Lansky—second-rate screenwriter, fledgling freelancer, and stay-at-home dad of two preschoolers—has held everything together while his wife is away on business . . . until this morning’s playdate, when he finds out through the mommy grapevine that she might be having an affair. What Josh needs is a break. He’s not going to get one.

My Review:

I am not kidding you, I laughed out loud so hard during several portions of this book.  I laughed so hard, at one point, I thought I was going to have to have air pumped back into me.  Greg Olear is one funny dude.

This book is definitely male humor, though.  There’s male moral standards too, because one of the ending scenes actually put me off a little (and kept me from rating the book a full five stars).  That said, it was still a laugh out loud book – from the description of a dirty 07 Honda Odyssey minivan to the oh-so-apt description of a child’s meltdown.  And, for good measure, let’s toss in some great descriptions and enlightenment on what it’s like to live with a child who has Asperger’s Symptom.

In fact, an entire section of the book relays factual information on Asperger’s and contrasts it to daily life with a child who has it.  Really, really powerful stuff – only kept from being despairing by the dry, humorous tone of the author.

I found Josh’s voice to be perfect.  The descriptions to be oh-so-perfect of his daily life, his struggles (morning and night rituals had me dying with laughter) to be genuine and his emotional turmoil to be so real that I felt myself aching for him.

This is a book to read – mother or father, caregiver, aunts, uncles, it’s for everyone. The humor keeps it from being a “chick-lit” book and the title is enough to draw the interest of every male around me (and the parts I read out loud did their job as well).

Fantastic addition to the fictional world of parenting – bravo Greg Olear.  I’m just scared to find out just how much of his real life is portrayed in this book (go clean out that van!).

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