Freeheads by Kerry Nietz

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  • This is the final book in a trilogy that I really enjoy!

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aving escaped the storms of Betelgeuse and the schemes of Jannah’s inhabitants, Sandfly and HardCandy make their way back to Earth. They have a message to deliver. A society to free. And A~A3 is with them. Their mission is simple, and just. What could possibly go wrong?

Unexpectedly, DarkTrench drops into normal space. He is malfunctioning, wounded, and the only people who can fix him are still hundreds of light years away. Sand and Hard scramble for a solution while catastrophe hurtles blindly toward them.

They reach Earth to find a different world, an unexpected domain. One they can no longer connect with.

They are stranded, hopelessly separated beneath a wasteland of death and a planet of rules. Debuggers amidst a cloistered community.

Ultimately, Sandfly is alone, and Earth’s freedom relies on him and his newfound faith. But does his mission even matter anymore?

He’s a misfit, and a throwback. A symbol for all that’s evil.
Perhaps he’s the last freehead?

My Review:

This book sealed the deal for me – I’m officially a Kerry Nietz fangirl. When I was first introduced to A Star Curiously Singing for the 2010 INSPY awards I was .. concerned. I’d never been a big science fiction (hard core sci-fi that is) fan, but I gave it a chance and was thoroughly hooked by this original, fantastic story.

Then came The Superlative Stream, and once again I was dragged into HardCandy, DarkTrench, and Sandfly’s world. And once again, I had to face disappointment and the book came to an end. So when I got a chance to read Freeheads I was giddy. However, school made huge demands on me.

So I put it aside and I read it over spring break – no, actually.. I devoured it over spring break. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading Freeheads and loved every single moment of it. There was so much character development that happened over the span of the previous books and everything just came together well in this finale. Plus… I love returning home moments, and I think, considering how he wrote this book, Kerry Nietz might just share that love.

This is a great trilogy, and it’s so hard to just review one book without talking about the other two. I’ve talked them up to my friends and highly recommend you give them a shot. Just remember – it’s speculative fiction, and what else is more fun than reading a “what if”?

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