Book Review: The Queen’s Choice by Cayla Kluver

Magic was seeping out of me, black and agonizing. I could see it drifting away. The magic that would let me pass the Road to reach home again.When sixteen-year-old Anya learns that her aunt, Queen of the Faerie Kingdom of Chrior, will soon die, her grief is equaled only by her despair for the future of the kingdom. Her young cousin, Illumina, is unfit to rule, and Anya is determined not to take up the queen’s mantle herself.Convinced that the only solution is to find Prince Zabriel, who long ago disappeared into the human realm of Warckum, and persuade him to take up his rightful crown, Anya journeys into the Warckum Territory to bring him home. But her journey is doomed to be more harrowing than she ever could have imagined….

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One of the things that Cayla Kluver does extremely well is write a fun fantasy story that appeals to teenagers and adults alike.  I feel in love with Cayla’s strong female characters, interesting quest story lines, and fun world building first in her book Legacy, and I was sad when the trilogy ended.  Imagine the sheer joy I felt when I saw that she was starting yet another series and, once again, I began to read and fell in love with The Queen’s Choice.

Something I love about fantasy is the timelessness of it all.  It doesn’t have to be set in a certain historical era or follow specific rules.  Instead, the author is free to explore ideas and places and times that may not always mesh together in real life but just works in a fantasy novel.  That is what happens in The Queen’s Choice.  Kluver tackles fae and humans in a politically charged, interesting story that involves a horrifying moment that seems insurmountable for her heroine – but is it?  I was hooked so quickly that I did not put this book down until I had finished reading it…and then I gave thanks for six hour flights with nothing else to do so I could afford to do that.

Something else I really appreciate about Kluver’s writing, and it’s very, very clear in The Queen’s Choice, is her willingness to let romance take a back burner.  There are sparks and moments between characters, but romance is not what drives the story.  In this story, it’s duty and honor and family that the story centers around and Kluver does a fantastic job of making that so much more interesting than romance would have been in the same type of setting.

It should come as no surprise that this one gets a five star rating from me.  I’m unashamedly a fan of Kluver’s writing and I think The Queen’s Choice is a good, solid, fun addition to her list of books.  I cannot wait for its release so that I can add it to my shelves permanently.

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  • The Queen’s Choice is fantasy done right, albeit with a LOT of detail. Readers who really appreciate world building will definitely want to check this one out. Patient readers will probably end up finding this one worthwhile, even if world building isn’t your favorite aspect of novels.” – A Reader of Fictions
  • “Even without romance, The Queen’s Choice is actually decent and I’m delighted (for a little while) by this change.” – KittiKat
  • “Overall, The Queen’s Choice was an exciting story that dragged slightly because of the length. However, the ending was a big twist and will definitely leave you excited for the next book.” – Young at Heart

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