Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger

Folks, I’ve fallen behind.  It’s really not intentional…but with thirty piano students, a spring recital to prepare for, a benefit concert I am playing piano for, and a 1 month old and 16 month old in the house to help care for… you can imagine things have gotten busy.  What’s sad is that the thing I love doing most… talking about books/reading books has suffered as a result.

I’m trying harder though – but sometimes I am just so tired that the prospect of sitting down to write a blog post overwhelms me.  Especially when I have to choose – read or write.  But today, this Top Ten Tuesday could not come at a more ideal time because I want to talk about why I love blogging about books and why I will continue to try to carve time out of my busy schedule to continue to do it.

1. Blogging about books makes me think

Of course, I’m talking about thinking about the book I just read.  Writing down my thoughts in some sort of coherent way helps me solidify what I’ve just read – something I desperately need since I am able to read so quickly and jump from book to book.  But it also helps me think about other things.  Now I think about who I’d recommend the book to, what other books the one I just read is like, and I want to learn what others thoughts were because chances are, at least one other blogger that I stumble across will make me completely view the book I’ve read in a way I would have never thought of.  And I usually only look up 2-3 blogs after I have finished (see: time note above).

2. The people I’ve met

From other bloggers, to authors, to publicists and publishing executives – my connections span so far around the world.  And I love every single connection I’ve made.

3.  I love to talk books

Now that I’m not in school it’s difficult to find a room filled with people who have read the same thing that I have – so what better medium than a book blog?  Here I can ramble to my hearts desire.

4.  I am kept connected

Book blogging ensures that I am watching lists and twitter and Facebook and other blogs and seeing new titles that are coming out before they are released. Just recently I was on a 6,000 mile journey (one way) to go back to Illinois and then two weeks later I turned around to come back to Hawai’i.  I loved walking past the bookstores in the airport and recognizing every title on the shelves facing out, enticing people to buy them.  Not only did I know the titles, I’d read most of them so my wallet was thankfully spared much pain.

5. It makes an extrovert out of this introvert

For some reason I have a really, really hard time striking up a conversation with anyone, even if they sit down next to me and say hello.  But I have absolutely no problem stopping by a stranger on the way down an airplane aisle to my seat to tell that stranger that the book he is holding is a great one. (Jess Walters – We Live in Water)

6. The Books

Of course I love that my addiction is fed without much pain being inflicted on my wallet.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the free books that come with book blogging.  Buwt they aren’t essential to my happiness because before I began receiving the free books I was checking them out at the library.  I still check them out – but now I don’t take home stacks of 20 books at a time. =)

7. The Smarts

I’m not the bragging sort, really, but I would be stupid to say that reading has not improved my intellect.  I really struggled in school in my early twenties and for years, all I read were mysteries and romance novels (and even then, just by the same few authors).  I’d read a classic now and then (more so as an early teenager when I was forbidden romances and mysteries), but mostly I stuck to a specific type.  Once I started branching out, I noticed the my opinions and thoughts began to take shape and I no longer felt lost in conversation with some really smart people I know.  School enhanced that and I left feeling confident and sure of myself – something that took way too long to happen in my opinion.

8. Awareness

I made a decision to diversify my reading even more this year.  I grew up in a midwestern, middle-to-lower class white home.  I know I had a privileged childhood.  I had food, clothing, friends, education – heck, my folks spent so much on my piano lessons when I was growing up that it boggles my mind.  But never have I been more aware of that privilege then I am today.  I never want to forget it and in order to keep reminding myself I need to keep reading and learning more about those who do not have that sort of privilege.  Reading helps me remember that I need to use where I am to make the world a better place for those who don’t have the same opportunities.  I never want to take mine for granted again.

9. Gift-Giving

I love giving gifts.  With the broadening of my reading choices I’ve learned ways to find the perfect book to match the people in my life (and those who come into my life).  It gives me joy to be able to help by putting a book from my shelves into the hands of someone who needs it.

10. You

Every week that I post one of these Top Ten Tuesdays I get people on the blog who I have never spoken to before.  I am insanely grateful any time I get a comment  from someone because I know it means they took time to not only read what I wrote, but cared enough to engage with me. I saved this one for last because I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to read to this part of the post and to say that I would love to see you around, often or sporadically, whatever works for you!

What do you love about blogging or reading or both?

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