Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

Taking a step back from actual book covers, I’ve been looking forward to this list for some time.  Still, I haven’t managed to come up with a full ten items because, well, many of the things on my bucket list have been crossed off.  So I may just fill up the remaining numbers with the authors I would love to meet – just a fair warning!

1. BookExpo America

My desire to attend BookExpo America was born about four years ago.  I participated in Armchair BEA but it wasn’t the same.  In fact, in 2011, I actually was IN New York at the same time that BEA was being held, but unfortunately, I did not have the means to be there.  It’s a dream of mine that, in the future, I will actually be able to be present and fully participate.

2. Work in a Library

This is pretty cliche, but it’s been a dream of mine to be a librarian since I was a little girl.  This dream may actually be coming true soon, as I interviewed for a job at the Mililani Public Library here on O’ahu a few weeks ago!

3.  Meet Sharon Kay Penman

As much as I love fantasy, Sharon Kay Penman holds a very dear place in my heart.  I would absolutely love to meet her, but unfortunately all of the events and cons that I go to veer more toward the fantasy/sci-fi area and less toward the historical fiction genre.

4.  Visit Parnassus Books

I would just love to visit Nashville in general, but especially this.  Especially if there’s a reading or signing going on with an author I’ve read and loved.

5. Read Every Book on my Shelves

This is never going to happen, but I still hope that some day I will have finally picked up every dusty volume and at least read a bit of it.  I think they all deserve to be loved (and to think, in 2007, I started with one small little bookshelf).

6. Talk Books with Felicia Day

I’ve been a fan of Felicia Day’s since the early days of The Guild.  I would absolutely love to join in on one of her Vaginal Fantasy chats, and I adore reading her recommendations and watching the episodes.

7. Own First Edition Tolkien books.

Yeah so, I’m a Tolkien girl. I’ve read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy since I was a pre-teen.  I would absolutely love to showcase those books in the way they deserve to be showcased, but for now I’ll have to stick to my collectors copies.

8. Have Lunch with Frank Delaney

If you haven’t listened to his podcasts (ReJoyce) or read his books, then I suggest you do so as soon as possible.

9. Meet Suzanne Collins

..and beg her to sign my copies of The Hunger Games books.

10. Spend a month (or nine) just reading The Wheel of Time

They are all out now.  I have no excuse except for the mere fact that it is one of the most giant timesinks I can even think up of.

What are some of your bookish things on your bucket list?

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