Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you have a love of reading, you have a love of anything that reflects or enables that love.  A true bibliophile does not have just books on her most-wished-for list, she also has things on that list that will promote the good health and well-being of those books.  With that said, here are my top ten bookish things that I’d like to own.

1. A Litograph Poster

Really, I would love one of these.  There are so many that I am in love with that I could, literally, cover the walls to my reading room (someday) with them, but then where would the bookshelves go?

2. A Reading Room

Speaking of reading rooms… what bibliophile does not long for a space of their own to just fill with books?  Someday… someday….

3.  Jane Austen Temporary Tattoos

It’s no secret that I’m a wimp when it comes to physical pain – that’s why I think these Jane Austen temporary tattoos are just the thing.  Also, that way when I flip-flop from loving Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood more… then I can merely wash off and re-apply! (I know they are only $8 but still, it’s hard to justify spending $8 on something so silly but oh…I want it so)

4. Personal Library Kit

I would actually need several dozen of these, but oh how I’d love a more efficient way to keep track of the books I loan out.

5. Personal Library Embosser

Since the library kit may be a bit impractical for me, I thought I’d also include this lovely gadget.  Personalized with a seal of your own design, this would be a beautiful thing to own.

6. The Perfect Floor Lamp

Go away eye-strain.  I’m looking at floor lamps now for my room as I prepare to enter graduate school this fall and I’m drooling with desire over this one.  With the hefty price tag on it, however, I don’t see it happening.

7. These Toms shoes

…but in size 10.  I cry that I missed my chance here.

8. Pride and Prejudice Flats

Speaking of cute shoes….

9. Bookish Coasters

These beautiful coasters top my list of things I will be getting soon.  Or something very like them.

10.  This bookish pillow

Every time I start to get lonely, I just think of the multitudes of characters I’ve spent the night with over the years … and all without having to worry about my health! =)  This pillow is perfect and I just adore it to pieces.

What are some of your favorite bookish items?


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