So as far as that absence goes….

Things have been busy around here.  My reading has taken a hit, but it’s one I was willing to take in order to experience life in May and June.  In the last several weeks I’ve had family here, my nephew had a hospital stay, I’ve visited another island (Kauai), and I’ve been wrapping up piano lessons here before heading to Nebraska in August.  Yes, it’s been busy.

Still, I’ve been reading some and I have quite a few reviews to catch up on so I am holding myself accountable for them.  For streamlining sake, I’m making a few small changes to my review format (no more additional book recommendations, I’m trusting my plug-in to point you in that direction), and some other small changes that will hardly be noticeable (new plugins, etc).

But I wanted to say I’m back – and to apologize for my absence, let me give you a few pictures of the glory that I got to see this past week.


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