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Grace Hammer by Sara Stockbridge

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  • This one has been on my TBR list for so long I’ve honestly forgotten why I put it there in the first place.  

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Summary from GoodReads:

Grace Hammer lives a sweet enough life with her four children in London’s dank and dirty East End, dipping the pockets of wealthy strangers foolish enough to venture there. She keeps a clean house and a tight hold on her magpie nature, restricting her interests to wallets and pocket watches, which are bread and butter – at night she dreams of shiny things. Unbeknown to Grace, her most audacious crime is about to leap seventeen years and come knocking. Out in the dark countryside Mr. Blunt rocks in his chair, grinding his teeth, vowing furious retribution. He has never forgotten his scarlet treasure, or the harlot that stole it from him. At night he dreams of slitting her lily-white throat…

My Review:

I was less than impressed with this book, which makes me very sad because it had the potential for great fun.  A strong, female lead, the Victorian time-period and London as the perfect setting.. everything should have added up to a fantastic little story about pickpockets and knaves.

I think the combination of Stockbridge’s writing as well as the lack-luster character and world building really just turned me off on the story and I had to force myself to finish it.  I kept hoping at 50, 75, 100 pages in that it’d pick up, that there would be a big climax that would make it all worth while, but instead the story just sort of limped along and felt so disjointed that I felt lost most of the time.

This is one I was sad I didn’t take off the TBR list without bothering to read it.  I remember vaguely thinking about how much fun this would be – I’m glad I waited to read it rather than be even more disappointed then than I am today.

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