Why “The Lost Entwife”?

As you have probably already guessed, I’m a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien.  As a girl growing up I read (and was read) everything from The Hobbit to The Silmarillion.   I was fascinated by several characters and creatures – and the Ents were one of my favorites.

Several years ago a friend was speaking to me about some decision I was in the process of making – I believe it was planning a trip.  It was the fall, and I was making plans for May saying that really, it wasn’t that far away.  He jokingly replied, “Sure, maybe not long for a lost entwife.”  .. and the light bulb went on.

I’m a very patient person and I take a very long time to make decisions.  This is good, in the cases of making truly earth-shattering life-changing decisions .. but it also is frustrating, in that it can take me forever to decide just if I want to go see a movie or.. visit a friend.  Now, as an adult, I can recognize why I loved those Ents so much.  They were unhurried (although the Entwives were less so) and just took their time – and that’s how I like living my life.